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locked. [May 31st, 2008]

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PS: if you promote to me...then that gives me the right to promote to you. So if you don't want any spam then don't spam me =) Got it?

sooo i dyed my hairr [September 3rd, 2007]



It has been a whileee [April 4th, 2007]
since I've last posted a journal entry. With school, KKPsi, work and things I honestly do not have too much extra time. I'm not taking too many credit hours this semester, in fact, I withdrew from one of my classes because 1)it was ridiculous having a sophomore level class having a bigger course load than say a junior/senior level class 2)I no longer have a minor and 3)I hate the professor. It was really ridiculous to say the least. This coming week is going to be crazy. On the 14th I have week one of rockette auditions and Psi formal. I have 4839284 equipment moves and concerts to be at...PLUS two exams. I have a ochem and human physiology exam that I have been super studying for. It will be insaneee.

Chico and I have decided that we are moving at the beginning of August since that's when our lease ends. The area is getting really jank lately. In the past month I have seen shoes on telephone wires in front of our apartment twice...which leads to DRUG DEALS. I dont' think so...i want NO part of that. But just yesterday a good friend of ours messaged me on Facebook and asked me if Chico and I would be interested in living with him and his roommate. We haven't lived with any one in an apartment-style setting. I've only had experience in the dorms, which were positive and negative. I honestly think that we should do it. Otherwise, we would never know what could have been. Chico is skeptical because he's never had a roommate other than myself, but to pass up an opportunity like that is crazy. Not to mention, the total cost of living would decrease for us. We would be saving at least $50 a month.

We're looking at Twin Oaks (since that's where our new potential roommates are living) townhouses. For a three bedroom townhouse its 789 or something like...either way its only .25 more than what I'm paying at my current resident. TO reiterate that in a different way...I pay 194.50 at this apt...and at the townhouse it would be 194.75 a person. Not that big of a deal...and all of the other stuff would be split 4 ways. It comes with a washer/dryer and the water is already paid for by the management. So that would be amazing.

that's all I have for now (I guess) I have so much stuff to do such as:
*Read Chapters 1-45 in Angels and Demons
*Read Human Physiology and write notes for it as well as notecards
*Read O.chem and do the homework
*Write notes and notecards out for O.chem
*pack up stuff I need to take home for tomorrow
*Clean up the apartment
*Write a summary for Angels and Demons

Peace out♥

[July 24th, 2006]
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[August 2nd, 2005]
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[June 30th, 2005]
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[June 10th, 2005]

[June 9th, 2005]

I'm doing this solely for the inactiveness on your journal...or I'm just not really interested in your journal anymore. No hard feelings :)

I cut...
0xtoxicxkissx0 journal no longer used
______comatose I don't know who you are?
__fuckingrad old journal
_imperfectiion old journal
_mutememories old journal
lip_gloss587 old journal
quixoticvictory old journal
snack_on_this old journal
un_noticed old journal

[March 5th, 2005]
Yay I'm going to Ann Arbor today and go shoppin with my awesome boyfriend Chico :) I may take some pics....who knows. After that I'm going home! I can't wait! I'll miss Chico so much though :(

Yay for Spring Break!

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